Meeting Mary

I met Mary Portas – Queen of Shops – in Birmingham on Friday. She was in the city to award £5,000 to, what she believes is, the best independent retailer in Birmingham. After going on a tour with Retail Birmingham she decided to give the award to Disorder.

Here is what Disorder say about themselves: “Established in 1998, Disorder Boutique is based in Birmingham City Centre. Disorder prides itself on being an ethical, ” ANTI-BRAND” company. We are against GLOBAL BLANDING. We do not mass produce our garments, we do not mass distribute our clothes. We stock our clothes in stores that share our company ethos. Infact, anything that the corporate brands do we avoid. We produce our garments locally, we use British fabrics and we pay our team fairly.”

Mary was very complimentary about our hometown and believed that Disorder showed original design talent and bespoke tailoring which gave them the edge over other independents in the city.

She also commented on how she believes that “value retailing is killing off innovation” with there being “far too much product and choice”.

One of the key things that I personally thought was a great point is how she is lobbying  the City Council to  nurture young and small retailers by offering them ‘cheaper’ space and rates and also to give Birmingham consumers a much needed choice from the High Street brands. Here here!

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